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Are you a specialty retail store? We've been working retail stores across the county for over 30 years and offer a large selection of retail-packaged coffees & cocoa for you to choose from.

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Serving Craft Coffee

If you are looking for specialty coffee program for your coffee shop, restaurant or office? We'd love to roast coffee for you! Scroll down to learn more!

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Interested in Fireside Coffee for your business? That's awesome!

If you are a specialty retail store, feel free scroll to the top of the page and click the "Order for your specialty retail store button".

If you are a restaurant, coffee shop or other food service business, please fill out the form to the right and tell us a little bit about your, or ask us any questions!

You can also call us at 810-635-9196 ext 2. Our customer service staff are available Monday-Friday 9a-5p EST.

"Amazing coffee, friendly and welcoming staff" ~Alan M.