Recommended Supplies:

Hario V60 Glass Dripper (Size 02) • Hario V60 Paper Filters • Burr Grinder • Gram Scale • Electric Gooseneck Kettle • Brewing Vessel (aka glass carafe) • Fresh Roasted Coffee • Your Favorite Coffee Mug • Optional: Small House Plant to Have Nearby

*If you don't have a bewing vessel, you can set the V60 directly on top of your coffee mug

Weigh & Grind Your Beans

Using a water-to-coffee ratio of 18:1, we recommend using 29g of beans for a 16oz mug.

Grind your beans to a medium coarseness using a burr grinder (not a blade grinder).

Wet The Filter

Crease the paper filter along the edge of the seam. Open the filter and place it in the V60 dripper.

Use a small amount of water to wet the filter before adding your coffee grounds.

Be sure dump out any water that has collected in your vessel before continuing.


Set the V60 with coffee grounds and your vessel on the scale. Tare the scale to 0.

Heat the water in your kettle to between 200-205° F. Slowly pour 60g of water evenly over your coffee grounds.

Let the grounds bloom (rest) for 30 seconds.

This allows the CO2 gas to release so that your water can properly extract the solubles (the good stuff) in the next step.

Let's Brew It

After the bloom, slowly pour your water over the grounds in a circular motion until the scale reads 490g. (This inlcudes the 60g of water from the bloom + an additional 430g of water)

Keep the stream of water flowing in a circular motion towards the center of the V60. Try not to run the water down the edge of the paper filter.

Get Caffeinated

After the brewing is complete, pour your coffee into any mug of your choosing and enjoy!

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