Meet Amber!

Meet Amber!

A lot goes into what makes Fireside Coffee unique - working with sustainable farmers, collaborating with local small businesses, distributing products globally, and creating a space to catch up with family and friends.

It takes a special group of people to make it all happen. The team behind the delicious small-batch craft coffee, mochas, and cocoas are Fireside's heartbeat. We're excited to introduce you and help you get to know them.

Today we’re going to introduce you to the welcoming and kind, Amber. Odds are, no introduction is needed. Amber is an integral part of your morning routine when stopping into Fireside. She creates a warm and hospitable space with her gift of conversation and getting to know not just the coffee but the person behind the drink. 



What drew you to working at a coffee shop/barista-ing and how long have you been with Fireside? 

I have always had a love for coffee, and I was always curious about the process from bean to cup. So after being a baker for the last 12 years I decided to feed that curiosity by jumping into the coffee world. I have been at Fireside since April of 2022. 

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

I moved to the Flint area in December 2020 (I like to joke that I looked up all the local coffee shops around potential houses before even doing a walk through to make sure I had access to good coffee at all times.) 

I am currently a student at Mott Community College in their Environmental Science program, and I will be transferring to Michigan State in January of 2024. When I am not working or doing schoolwork I like to hangout with my dogs and husband, go hiking at the state parks in the area, read, and I started learning how to crochet recently, so I have been doing a lot of that as well. 

Favorite / “Go-to" Fireside drink? 

Our Sweet Blue or Chiapas with a splash of cream in it. If I am feeling fanciful I will grab an iced Mindful Mocha.

What do you enjoy most about your work at Fireside? 

I would honestly have to say its the people. Both my coworkers at Fireside and the people who come in and see us everyday. Being a part of the morning routines of so many wonderful people and building connections with our regulars is an invaluable experience that defies measurement. Being part of a team that in many ways feels like family is something that I don’t take for granted. The Fireside crew is some of the most genuine and supportive people I have ever met, and it is a privilege to be a part of it.


We’re so grateful to have Amber as part of our Fireside family. Stop by and say get to know Amber and the rest of our incredible team!

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