Kirk joins the Roasting Team!

Kirk joins the Roasting Team!

A lot goes into what makes Fireside Coffee unique - working with sustainable coffees, collaborating with local small businesses, distributing products globally, and creating a space to catch up with family and friends.

It takes a special group of people to make it all happen. The team behind the delicious small-batch craft coffee, mochas, and cocoas is Fireside's heartbeat. We're excited to introduce you and help you get to know them.


If you've ever been to our shop on roast days, you are smelling the craftwork of our roasting team. We roast our coffee in small batches weekly to ensure you have the freshest coffee possible. One of our team members, Kirk, recently completed his roasting training and certification through the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in Chicago, so that he could join Rob on the roasting team!

Kirk joined the Fireside Coffee family over a year ago. He's always enjoyed a good cup of quality coffee and roasted his own coffee at home for the last few years. His history in brewing goes beyond coffee. He enjoys brewing beer and has experience in distilling too. Before joining Fireside, Kirk worked in the craft beer brewing industry.

While Kirk sees similarities in the preparation, brewing, and kegging of cold brew coffee and craft beer, the coffee industry is quite different. The different drinks, products, and processes have made Kirk's time with Fireside fly by. "All the staff is great! Team Warehouse keeps me on my toes and makes the day go quick." Kirk said about working at Fireside, "I like that we do many things throughout the week. Always something new."

Please stop in to enjoy Kirk and our team's handiwork with one of our small-batch craft coffees. Try one of Kirk's favorite drinks, the Sweet Carmello or Flat White, or find your new favorite drink.

We look forward to introducing you to more of our team soon!

Kirk has a great history with Fireside, our community, and brewing things other than coffee. Learn more about Kirk and what he’s looking forward to in his work.

Q & A with Kirk

What got you into coffee?

I have always enjoyed quality coffee. I have been roasting my own coffee at home for last few years, thanks to a good friend who helped me get started! 

How long have you been at Fireside?

It's been over a year already, time flies....

Brew other things ?

I love to brew beer, I have done some distilling, I can make some craft sodas and great mocktails as well. I worked in the Craft Beer Brewing industry for 5 years prior to coming to Fireside. 

Are there similarities ?

It's been very different in many ways, Fireside has so many products they produce.  I think  the preparation, brewing and kegging of cold brew is one thing that is similar.

Fav Fireside drink?

Sweet Carmello with Flint Strong is one..... but right now Flat White is king!

What do you enjoy most about work at Fireside?

All the staff is great! Team Warehouse keeps me on my toes and makes the day go quick. I like that we do many things throughout the week. Always something new


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