How to make Cafe Mocha at home: 4 Steps

How to make Cafe Mocha at home: 4 Steps

Did you know that our Cafe Mocha mixes are what our company was founded with in 1988?  Everything is still crafted in small batches, using our original recipes, on site at our location in Swartz Creek, Michigan.  

You might also be wondering, what exactly is Fireside Cafe Mocha?  Well, it's a specialty blend of coffee and chocolate together, along with delicious flavors.  It that sounds good to you, then please read on!

Here are the 4 (very!) simple steps on how you can make Cafe Mocha at home, with no special equipment. 

Step 1: Choose your flavor

S'mores Cafe Mocha

This might actually be the toughest step in the whole process! We have 12 year-round flavors to choose from (plus additional seasonal flavors that are available at certain times of the year).

• Double Chocolate • Caramel • Salted Caramel • Butter Rum • French Vanilla • Toasted Coconut • Hazelnut Brownie • Chocolate Covered Cherry • Cinnamon Chocolate • Irish cream • Chocolate Raspberry • S'mores

Step 2: Add a few spoonfuls to your mug of hot water

How many spoonfuls you use will depend on the size of your mug, and how strong you like your flavor.  You can adjust the amount used based on your own personal tastes.

Step 3: Stir it up

Not too much direction needed here :)

Step 4: Enjoy!

That's it!  In about 30 seconds, you've just made yourself a delicious cup of Cafe Mocha.  Now take a sip and enjoy the result of all your "hard" work! 


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I’ve been drinking Fireside cafe mochas almost every day for more than 20 years. Started with a can from Branson, MO

Kathleen Rathe

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