Farm To Cup Coffee - Las Mataras

Farm To Cup Coffee - Las Mataras

Did you know that all of our Honduran coffees are farm-to-cup? We buy our beans direct from the farmers, pay them above a fair trade value and develop some pretty awesome working relationships together!

One of our favorite farms is Las Mataras, and the amazing lady who grows the amazing coffee that we serve in our shop. Click here to grab a bag for yourself!


Las Mataras Farmer
Las Mataras

Farmer: Rosa Hilda Valle

Certification: Rainforest Alliance

Located in San Rafael de Las Mataras, Sinuapa, Ocotepeque

Altitude: 1,400 – 1,600 msnm

Varietals: Catimor, Pacas

Shade grown under trees of: Guamo, ciruela, liquidámbar, aguacate, guachipilín, cedro, pino, ciprés, uvita

Fully washed, natural fermentation for 18 hours and sun dried in a patio

Las Mataras Farm

Doña Hilda is a sweet, successful pioneer lady! She is always ready to work and travel, this mother of six and ex-mayor of Ocotepeque. She is so much fun and loves taking us to her farm and share a meal overlooking the beautiful mountains of western Honduras. She is passionate and an extremely hard worker, who always taught her children to work hard for their future.

Hilda and her husband worked in cattle and milk production, and eventually they got started with tomato and potato farming. He passed away in 1984. In 1991, she decided to start growing coffee, starting with 200 plants in an area called Las Mataras (the killer). The name came from their neighbor’s, Los Espinoza, farm located 4,845 feet over the mountains of Sinuapa, Ocotepeque.  This area gets its name from the farmer's great grandmother - who always told her husband (the original farmer) that he was going to kill the local chestnut trees when he planted his coffee beans.

Obviously the chestnut and mahogany trees are still there, and actually turned into a precious wooded forest that they use, and are preserving for future generations.

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