Sweet Blue Classes

Thursday, October 25th @ 5:30p
Sweet Blue Cupping Class

In the cupping class, we'll evaluate the aromas and flavors of the Sweet Blue Coffee as a professional coffee grader would - but with a laid back and conversational atmosphere :)

Saturday, October 27th @ 1:00p
Sweet Blue "This is How We Brew It!" Class

Join us as we taste Sweet Blue Coffee from Daterra, brewed with several different methods.  Together we'll taste how the brewing methods brings out different flavors and attributes in the coffee!

  • V60 Pour Over
  • Chemex Pour Over
  • French Press
  • AeroPress
  • Cold Brew
  • Espresso
Both classes will take place in our Roastery Room @ Fireside
Location: 3239 Elms Rd. Swartz Creek MI 48473
$10 per Person, per class
Seating is limited * Pre-Registration is Required