Las Mataras Light Roast
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In 1991, Rosa Hilda Valle decided to start growing coffee, starting with 200 plants in an area called Las Mataras (the killer). The name came from her neighbor’s, Los Espinoza, farm located 4,845 feet over the mountains of Sinuapa, Ocotepeque. This areas gets its name from the farmer's great grandmother - who always told her husband (the original farmer) that he was going to kill the local chestnut trees when he planted his coffee beans. The chestnut and mahogany trees are still there, and actually turned into a precious wooded forest that they use, and are preserving for future generations.

Region: Sinuapa, Ocotepeque, Honduras

Tasting Notes: Apples, Cocoa, Raisins

Roast: Light

Single Origin - Direct Trade

Small Batch Roasted in Michigan

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